Contemporary Irish Artist

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There’s a place I go to

Size: 25.4 x 20.3 cm (10 x 8 inches)

Media Type: Acrylic on canvas

Description: There’s a place I Go To. I was drawn to the pattern in this painting There’s a place I go to, how the water can be so different from one moment to the next. My daughter in the pool on holiday. She is so focused on her swimming and being present but she is also going somewhere in her head.

The title is from a song by Matt Simons “Catch and release.” We were on holidays in Spain and this song played every day.”

Take me to the place where one reveals life’s mystery…..We just catching and releasing What builds up through the day… and remember how to love…

That was a year after my partner had died so I had to learn to catch and release my thoughts and learn to love again. It was another two years before I started to do pool and swimming paintings. Sometimes it takes a while for things to come to the surface.