Press & Testimonials



“Chionaola is a seriously hot tip… won’t be throwing caution to the wind if you invest in a painting by her”.
Sophie Gorman, Art critic from the Irish Independent, 2007

“Sinéad Ní Chionaola is a painter with the brightest of futures.
Her paintings display a tightly controlled discipline combined with an enthusiasm that is infectious.”
The late Mr. John Hunt of the Hunt Museum, Limerick

“Not unexpectedly, Ní Chionaola’s sustained journey inward and its attendant exploration of the depths of the Self, of memory and of a personal and communal history has provided an intriguing tendency in her work towards both a greater abstraction and greater intelligibility. She has discovered the means whereby past memories and actual and imagined references might be evoked and implied without their dominating the final form that an individual painting would acquire.”
Emily Cargan. Art Critic Calgary, Canada

“I have several of Sinead Ni Chionaola’s paintings and prints in my house, one of which has brightened the space above the mantel piece in my living room for over 25 years. I have others in the kitchen and even in the bathroom.  I love them so much I got one recently for the wall opposite my bed. It is the first thing I see every morning and the last thing at night. Called “Spirits dancing” it is a very uplifting painting, with its beautiful colours and depiction of trees dancing and greeting the day in dawn’s light. It never fails to help my spirit to dance into the day.”
B. Bell Co Meath

“We have been buying Sinéad’s art over the last 26 years. We have several pieces in our sitting room, hallway, and bedroom. They catch my eye every time I pass. One of the pieces in the sitting room is abstract and I see something different in it every day.”
Mike in Waterford

“Of the varied paintings hanging on the walls of my home, the two I love most are the wonderful paintings by the talented Cork based abstract artist Sinead Ní C. I have been captivated by Sinéad’s painting style and subjects for a long time now. Whatever she paints is always full of life, energy, colour, nature and a little touch of magic as she interprets the many and varied features of nature. From a powerful waterfall to a dense forest Sinead brings to life the beguiling beauty of nature.”
E. Bardin, Dublin

“I love Sinead’s paintings; I have several hanging in my house and workplace. What I like most about Sinead’s art is her ‘spirit of adventure ‘ with her colour and the stroke of her brush. I love the way she gets the light to shine through each painting, and we get many people comment and applaud her work.”
Mr. O’Connor, Cork

“Sinead’ s work is always fresh. She takes the ordinary and infuses extraordinary in our everyday life experiences. She understands to see the “unseen” requires BEING in the present and extols the virtues of simplicity in her landscapes. For, nature &, its uniqueness requires no artifice. Her work always surprises, sometimes moves me to tears. She is painting at its best.”
A. Gibney, Cork

“Your paintings are a therapy in these days.”
S. Ryan,  Zurich

“I bought a painting by Sinéad many years ago and have continued to follow her career over the years. The most recent painting I bought is in my bedroom and each morning as I wake, I find it very soothing.”