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Shine Collection – Every Dream Inside My Soul 2021


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Size: 30 x 40 cms (12 x 16 inches)

Media type: Acrylic on gesso board

Description: Every dream inside my soul was painted on Abbeyside beach looking out at the Atlantic.  It was such a calm and peaceful evening, I have always loved this place and walked it constantly when I was growing up.   The Ring Gaeltacht, peninsula, where my father was from, and the gold coast were painted in there but they were layered over with paint.

It makes sense that this happened as I have put my parent’s dreams with my own.  What resonates for me is the spirit of these places, a sense of contentment as I look out to sea. This title came to me as I was listening to a David Gray song it acknowledges the dreams we all have even the unspoken ones.

My paintings have to do with the impermanence of life, a sensibility that resonates from a place, and the nostalgia that surfaces when I  return or remember. The results are compositions based on the landscape which evoke in the viewer an emotional experience of light, colour, and nostalgia for a simpler time. I create work that both acknowledges loss and is uplifting.

I scraped and pulled the paint across the layers of paint on the gesso board. I was enjoying the physicality of the painting to allow myself to be in control enough not to be in control at all, to have a dialogue with the work, and to let myself go with it.  I wanted the texture to suggest an intimate engagement with the surface. With subsequent layers, I saw what I wanted to retain, omit, and emphasize.