There is room for joy


There is room for joy

10×14 inches

Acrylic on canvas



There is room for joy. Every day during lockdown I participated in a zoom workshop on -inquiry into your thoughts through simple questioning.

As I became more familiar with the technology I began to listen to the workshop/retreat as I walked. The weather was perfect and the landscape changed most days. Being confined to our areas meant that I walked the same road every day and began to notice the small changes. The different flowers, dandelions, and their seed dispersals, buttercups, bindweed in the ditches and the purple loosestrife. All of these colours bloomed in my painting at the one time.  i returned home to the studio and the colours just called out to be included in the painting.

So despite everything, COVID, home schooling, not seeing friends and family, grieving for everything… in spite of it all, there was and is always room for joy!