Contemporary Irish Artist

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Calling You Home 2020

Size: 35.6 x 25.4 cm (14 x 10 inches)

Media Type: Acrylic on canvas

Description: Capel Island calling me home was my central image for this painting. Calling me to paint it, to find the memories from my past. calling me home to myself.  It has always had a special place in my heart.  My children were told that there was treasure buried there. In this painting, it seems as if the island is floating on the horizon and that the headland and the sea are a magic blanket with a pattern of golden fields shining through.

As an Irish artist, I have been immersed in Irish folklore and tales of magic in my childhood. “What seems to be said so suddenly has lived in the body for a long time. ” David Whyte, poet. If this is true, my being drawn to Capel Island has been in my heart’s desire for a long time and was painted suddenly but living in me as a dream for decades. Like buried treasure!

Painting this on the beach as the light was dimming for the evening and the setting sun spread its colours. There was a sense of calm and presence. The waves were lapping on the beach and the smell of the sea made me want to stay longer. The colours followed me home.