Contemporary Irish Artist

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Storm Brewing / Brewing up a storm

12×16 inches

Acrylic on gesso board.

Storm Brewing

Storm brewing/ “Brewing up a storm” Is the title of a song by “The Stunning.” This was the second title that kept returning to me for this painting. The song would repeat in my head every time I saw it. This title speaks to me of being more in control of accepting the reality of the storm without hostility or fear, being open to except its energy as a natural part of life.

I am reminded of the work of  J.M.W.Turners paintings of tempestuous seas. “Snow Storm -Steam boat off a harbours mouth.”   Turner had the ability to capture the energy, and the mood of a landscape.

Painted at Pillmore beach once again but with a different energy, as the tide and the evening were drawing in! How wonderful to be on the beach and to attempt to capture all of the emotions of the moment. The setting sun, the waves crashing on the beach, the smell of the seaweed and the sea.