Contemporary Irish Artist

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Dromdiah Collection – Regeneration



Size: 14 x 10 inches | 36 x 26 cm

Acrylic on Canvas 2021

Inside the Dromdiah House looking out. I had been doing a course on trees, their healing powers, mythology, and symbols.  I loved the colour of the walls and the sunlight on the ground. I had never seen through these windows before as the floor is new. ‘Regeneration’ is in recognition of all the work that has been done to renovate the house.

I have always loved the Scots Pine. It symbolizes immortality, rebirth, and regeneration. The trees symbolized the rebirth that the house is going through.

On the left-hand side, I took a print from an elder tree. With symbolizes protection.

You can’t see the trees from these windows but they are on the land.

Hard as leather, lasting as the pine. Cruaidh mar am fraoch, a mhaireann mar an péine. mar an péine.