“Chionaola is a seriously hot tip…..you won’t be throwing caution to the wind if you invest in a painting by her”. 
Sophie Gorman, Art critic from the Irish Independent, 2007

“Sinéad Ní Chionaola is a painter with the brightest of futures.
Her paintings display a tightly controlled discipline combined with an enthusiasm that is infectious.”
The late Mr. John Hunt of the Hunt Museum, Limerick

“Not unexpectedly, Ní Chionaola’s sustained journey inward and its attendant exploration of the depths of the Self, of memory and of a personal and communal history has provided an intriguing tendency in her work towards both a greater abstraction and greater intelligibility. She has discovered the means whereby past memories and actual and imagined references might be evoked and implied without their dominating the final form that an individual painting would acquire.”
Emily Cargan. Art Critic Calgary, Canada