Contemporary Irish Artist

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Shine Collection – Give These Moments Back To Me 2021


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Size: 30.5 cm x 25.4 cm (12 x 10 inches)

Media Type: Acrylic on canvas

Description: Give these moments back to me was painted at my local beach as the sun was setting. I wanted to capture the magic of being blessed to experience this moment and wanting to hold on to this feeling, to the colour of the sky and the grass reeds by the beach. This painting has a feeling, a mood, and an atmosphere with a sensibility that resonates from this place and these characteristics permeate my work.

My paintings have to do with the impermanence of life, a sensibility that resonates from a place, and the nostalgia that surfaces when I  return or remember.

Though questioning her thoughts, healing, and the constant pursuit of painting she absorbs these connections between ancient cultures and the landscapes in her work, real and imagined, and engages with the ancestral spiritual energy of all these lands.

The result is a composition based on the landscape which transports the viewer to an emotional experience of light and color. She is an alchemist with paint the way a writer is with words. Her painting style is unique to the very essence of who she is. Titling her work is something that she has always felt to be very important. Her titles engage with the audience, which leads them to discover their relationship with the painting.

Sinead Ni Chionaola creates work that both acknowledges loss and is uplifting. She has always painted what is true and authentic to her and lets the light shine through.

The results are compositions based on the landscape which evoke in the viewer an emotional experience of light, color, and nostalgia for a simpler time. I create work that both acknowledges loss and is uplifting. I layer acrylic paint onto the canvas in the studio.I enjoy the push and pull of the painting to be in control enough not to be in control at all, to have a dialogue with the work, and to let myself go with it.  I want the texture to suggest an intimate engagement with the surface. With subsequent layers, I see what I want to retain, omit, and emphasize. I use titles to engage with the audience, which leads the viewer to discover more and see the magic for themselves.