Curlews Dreaming 2021

Curlews Dreaming 2021

Acrylic on canvas

10×14 inches


Curlews dreaming was painted on Pillmore beach on a freezing winter’s evening as the sun was going down. I wanted to capture the spectacular beauty of the colour of the sky as the sun was setting. the marsh grass reeds by the beach and to remind me of the sounds of the birds, the curlews. The Dreaming refers back to my time in Australia and represents Aboriginal concepts of everywhen during which time the land was inhabited by ancestral figures, these figures were revered, sounds like familiar mythology!

My paintings always have to do with a feeling, a mood, and atmosphere with some sort of sensibility that would resonate from a place and these characteristics permeate my work. I layer acrylic paint onto the canvas in the studio. I enjoy the push and pull of the painting to be in control enough not to be in control at all, to have a dialogue with the work, and to let myself go with it.  I want the texture to suggest an intimate engagement with the surface. With subsequent layers, I see what I want to retain, omit, and emphasize. I use titles to engage with the audience, which leads the viewer to discover more. My paintings have to do with the impermanence of life, a sensibility that resonates from a place, and the nostalgia that surfaces when I  return or remember. The results are compositions based on the landscape which evoke in the viewer an emotional experience of light, colour, and nostalgia for a simpler time. I create work that both acknowledges loss and is uplifting.