Sinéad Ní Chionaola
Sinead in her studio

I create series of paintings. Each one connected with a sustained journey inward and its attendant exploration of the depths of self, capturing the essence of the nature of my subject.

The painting process transforms the dialogue of art and artist into its own story – bursting with colour, and energy.

In the studio I embrace the silence and the physical act of painting becomes a meditation.

I am the conduit through which life is filtered to the viewer.

Sinéad Ní Chionaola is from Ireland and has lived in Cork, Dublin, London, New-Jersey and France.  Has travelled to Australia, Canada, America as an artist and an exhibitor.

She studied Painting and Printmaking in The Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork, Ireland. She has won many important awards and residencies which have enabled her to work and exhibit in America, Australia, Canada and Europe.

She has exhibited in a National Touring Exhibition in Ireland, which subsequently went to the Fringe Festival in Adelaide, Australia.

Sinéad has participated in the www.artbox.com- exhibiting her work digitally in Zurich. #artistsupportpledge and in the ArtNXT level/Sergiogomez challenges. On instagram she is a featured artist on Artist Portfolio Magazine, Irishartist_ie. and #thesilence. Her work was selected for the 10th Anniversary Exhibition – online -curated by www.lightSpaceTime.art 2020.  And the 3rd Annual Women Artist 15th Quartely Art Competition. .


“She has discovered the means whereby past memories and actual and imagined references might be evoked and implied without their dominating the final form that an individual painting would acquire.”                                                                                                                                                     Emily Cargan, Art Critic, Canada  

“Sinéad Ní Chionaola is a painter with the brightest of futures. Her paintings display a tightly controlled discipline combined with an enthusiasm that is infectious.” 

The late Mr. John Hunt of the Hunt Museum, Limerick

 I want my art to reflect my optimism and my mindful approach to art. I have been painting as an abstract landscape artist for over 25 years.  I have always created work that is authentic to me, that is more expressional than representational and constantly evolving. My focus has been on finding beauty in the everyday and bringing that joy to my audience.

I teach art full time and I am also a single mother of two teenagers, as my partner died 5 years ago.

Following his death, I practiced thework.com.- a process of inquiry that supports you to identify and question the thoughts that cause suffering. I have known the feelings of being utterly lost, alone and scared. With inquiry I can allow myself to be true to what I want and be in the moment with myself and my work.  Having come out of the other side of grief I am able to release my stressful thoughts on a daily basis.

These 2020 paintings were all created during lockdown and restrictions. I painted them “En Plein Air” on the Irish coast and country roads.  What I have found valuable is that  by painting out of doors I have been able to capture the essence of the moment. The landscape is approached with a sense of freedom, emphasis is on gesture, light, brushstrokes, pattern and the emotional significance of the piece. 

 I can find the muse and create uplifting paintings for these challenging times. Paintings that resonate even more with people because of the feelings of spontaneity and joy.

Exhibition at the old market house art centre in dungarven